Personnel Recruitment
Wuhan L-kewei Engineering & Technical Co., Ltd was founded in 2003, is engaged in the metallurgical, mechanical and electrical engineering technology development, service, complete sets of equipment design, manufacture, installation and debugging technology engineering company. Now the company development needs, are looking for the following professionals:

Mechanical Design Engineer   2 people
1. College of metallurgical equipment or machinery and related professional degree or above;
2. Can skilled use of Autocad software, and master the design codes and standards;
3. Male, under 40 years of age, two years or above working experience in mechanical design, can adapt to business trip;
4. Has a strong ability to learn and adapt, work design of metallurgical machinery equipment experience is preferred.

Equipment Supervise  1 people
1. Mechanical or metallurgical equipment manufacturing, male, with more than three years experience in mechanical manufacturing and assembly;
2. Familiar with ISO and machinery manufacturing and inspection standards, familiar with the commonly used detection instruments, equipment, have a certain understanding of welding knowledge;
3. Has certain coordinated ability, can adapt to travel and field construction.

Construction Engineer  1 people
1. College degree or above in mechanical or metallurgical equipment, civil engineering and other related professional qualifications;
2. Familiar with the construction, equipment, installation (including making steel structure, construction procedure specification);
3. With more than three years working experience in construction, has the strong organization, coordination ability;
4. Male, under 45 years of age, able to travel and field construction.

The above requirements: serious and responsible, love and dedication, hard work, good health, good communication skills and team work spirit.

The person that have sincerity will documents related to resume, ID card copy, photos, treatment requirements, to the company by post or Email; please indicate "position". We interview or appointment, do not call. Apply information confidential, will not be returned.

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