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510 rolling mill for precision sheet narrow strip

Our company has developed 510 four-high reversing rolling mill for precision sheet narrow strip, through digestion and absorption of the advantages of narrow strip rolling mills at home and abroad. It is of structure compact and dexterous, convenient operation and repair, rolling process of automatic closed-loop control, work roll DC drive, work roll and backup roll with eccentric sleeve locking mechanism, hydraulic pressure and roll gap adjustment, rolling line height by wedge adjustment. The line length is about 11 meters. It is ideal choice for precision sheet narrow strip rolling production.

Main technical parameters:

Material: low carbon steel, carbon steel, CQ, DQ, DDQ and non-ferrous metals;

Strip width: 150~400mm, Strip thickness: max. 6.0mm, Final product thickness: min. 0.1mm

Rolling force: 4000kN, Rolling speed: max. 800m/min.