Finishing Line

Recoiling Line

As a post sequence of cold rolled strip production, the unit works for cutting of the off-gauge head and tail of the strip, trimming the edge of the strip and dividing the coil according to the coil weight required by the users.

When the coil is uncoiled, the strip runs to the crop shear to cut off the off-gauge portion of strip head and tail and goes to the inspection table for inspection before entering the coiler; as the required coil weight is reached, the strip is cut by the dividing shear. The speed of the unit can come up to 400m/min and the strip to be processed can be 1650mmm wide and 0.2~1.5mm thick.

Main characteristics

  • The equipment configuration is quite simple; welder, side trimmer and electrostatic oiler, etc. can be arranged according to different requirements.
  • Adoption of EPC device, which can ensure coiling quality of the product at line exit.
  • Provision of VVVF drive control system via friendly HMI.

Technical data

Strip thickness: 0.2~1.5mm

Strip width: Entry:  700~1250mm      Exit: 700~1250mm 

Coil inside diameter: Entry: ф610/ф508mm    Exit: ф508mm 

Coil external diameter: Entry: max.ф2000mm     Exit: max.ф1500mm

Coil weight: Entry:  max.28t          Exit: 6~10t        Average 3.5t 

Process speed: 150~450m/min

Conventional process flow