Elec Automation Syst

Electrical Automation System

The electrical drive control system includes three parts according to the characteristics and requirements of the continuous production line: main drive, auxiliary drive and basic automation.

The main control system typically consists of main PLC, various fully digital AC speed regulation devices, remote expansion stations and work stations of operation desks at entry, process and exit section, etc., in which the main PLC works as the main station and all the others are dispersedly organized via field bus and remote ET200. The system is connected via PROFIBUS-DP network for system communication to realize setup of the production line, processing of actual value, production sequence control, material tracking, drive control, process monitoring and data exchange of the strip from the line entry to the exit. On the computer screen, it is possible to preset speed and tension, monitor running status of equipment at different sections. The work station connects with CPU via industrial Ethernet module to form industry Ethernet for displaying and recording the operation status of each equipment on the production line.

The basic automation control system is provided to adapt process operation and ensure high quality of the product produced from automatic production process. It includes various process models for different lines, allowing constant improvement of the product quality with the help of well proved automatic temperature, pressure and flow control. The company has provided several sets of advanced, practical and reliable control systems for the pickling and acid regeneration line, etc.

The complete electrical automation system is designed based on integrated electrical and instrument PLC equipment and friendly man-machine interface, it minimizes the course of target output achievement, offer reliable and complete safety interlock system and ensures continuous and safe production.

The company possesses design and R & D engineers of electrical automation control system who have rich professional experiences to commit to the contract and the development of automation control system design, research and development, equipment, complete set,software programming and commissioning tasks.