Special Mech & Elec Equip

Pinch Leveler

Pinch leveler is used for pinching the strip and providing the required tension for uncoiling, additionally, it also serves for leveling the strip to improve the strip flatness and applying descaling effect. It consists of the stand, pinch roll, leveling roll, screwdown system and drive system. The stand is of open design, with fixed bottom and openable upper part driven by the hydraulic cylinder for opening and closing. The pinching unit includes a pair of rolls while the leveling unit is composed by seven to nine rolls. The top pinch rolls on the top of upper housing are equipped with spring damper respectively while the top leveling rolls are mounted with worm type screw down system for providing rolling force and allowing adjustment.

For different requirements of the line and different strip thickness, the roll diameters of the pinch leveler and the drive will be different.

The pinch leveler supplied by the company has rational structure and good pinching and leveling effect. It is easy in operation, maintenance and roll changing.