Special Mech & Elec Equip

Rotary Side Trimmer

The rotary side trimmer, scrap baler and pinch leveler designed and manufactured by the company embody our own technical features and advantages in practical application.

The rotary side trimmer, located at the line exit functions for cutting off off-gauge edges on both sides of the strip and for getting consistent width along the whole strip. It mainly consists of turret rotation drive system, overlap adjustment of top and bottom blade, blade gap adjustment, blade opening adjustment systems, holddown roll and support roll, etc.

The company can provide several types of rotary side trimmers according to different requirements of the line and the strip to be cut. For push-pull pickling line, tension shear will be arranged and for continuous pickling line, power shear will be used. The shear design will vary depending on strip variety, thickness and grade (e.g. plain carbon steel or silicon steel).

The rotary side trimmer provided by the company features rational design, high rigidity and good cutting quality, the blade is easy in replacement and has long service life.