Pickling Line

Continuous Pickling Line

Continuous pickling refers to a process where the tail of previous strip is welded with the head of next strip to pass the pickling tank continuously to get HCl turbulent pickling in a shallow tank. It features high pickling efficiency and annual output, short heating time and shutdown time and easy tension control inside the tank. The control equipment is simple and energy consumption is less, etc.

The continuous pickling production line needs welder and larger occupied area and has restriction to the products to be pickled. It is applicable for strip with thickness ranging from 0.8~6.5mm, other than that over 7mm, the line yields output of over 1 m t/a ave. and 2 m t/a max. thanks to its high process speed up to 250m/min approximately.

For this line, walking beam, welder and tension leveler, etc. will be arranged according to the required annual output and User’s requirements.

Main characteristics

  • Adoption of flash welder or laser welder to ensure continuous production of the whole line;
  • Installation of tension leveler for strip leveling to achieve leveling and sufficient descaling before pickling, elongation control and shape improvement;
  • Usage of shallow tank turbulent pickling and 4-stage counterflow cascade rinsing with conductivity of rinsing water controlled;
  • Employment of entry and exit horizontal looper and several steering systems to ensure stable running of strip, high efficient and continuous operation;
  • Application of highly accurate rotary side trimmer to ensure trimming quality of strip;
  • Provision of automatic control for pickling process to allow automatic level, temperature and conductivity measurement & control at process section;
  • Utilization of VVVF drive system to realize automatic control of strip speed and tension, etc.

Technical data

Raw material: carbon steel、low alloy steel、high quality alloy steel

Strip thickness: 1.2~6.0mm

Strip width: 700~1650mm

Coil weight: max. 33t

Process speed: max. 230 m/min

Annual output: 1,000,000~2,000,000 t/a