Pickling Line

As an important production sequence of cold rolled strip production, pickling process is used to remove scale and dirt from the surface of hot rolled strip, cut off the cracked edge, obtain required coil weight and provide qualified coil to the downstream sequences with aim of producing desired strip product from the cold rolling mill line.

The pickling process of strip includes continuous pickling, push-pull pickling and semi-continuous pickling from the point of view of pickling type; or includes common carbon steel pickling, silicon steel pickling and stainless steel pickling as far as pickled product concerned. The silicon steel pickling has different features from the common carbon steel pickling due to silicon content of the strip and stainless steel pickling is completely different from the other two pickling processes.

Pickling line characteristics of L-Kewei:
(1) Professional and optimum: comprehensively and professionally mastering pickling technology by taking the advantages and overcoming the disadvantages of previous similar production lines; based on conjunction with the practical experiences on site, fully considering the effect which may influence stable production of the line, such as equipment operation and maintenance and partial details; paying attention to environmental protection of acid mist; persisting in constant and deep improvement, optimization and technical innovation in different aspects.
(2) Higher product quality and service: providing better product quality and service than the competitors by first class technology and in the same design and equipment platform.
(3) Good environment protection effect: the fume purification effect is good and the exhausting index is far better than that specified in the National standard; the exhausting device with our patented technology can effectively protect the equipment and shop building from fume corrosion and bring longer service life of the equipment and shop building.
(4) Best cost performance ratio: compared with the equipment of similar level, the offered equipment has advantage of better product and favorable price, and good value for money.