Degreasing Line

Strip Degreasing Line

The strip degreasing line serves for degreasing (chemically and electrolytically) and loosening coil, etc. It includes chemical degreasing, electrolytic degreasing, water rinsing and drying process etc. with cold rolled hard plain carbon steel, high quality carbon structure steel and low alloy structure steel as incoming materials which size from 400~1250mm×0.1~1.5mm. Two types arrangements are possible, i.e. horizontal and vertical, of which the process speed is 240m/min max.

Main characteristics

  • Advanced and practical combined cleaning process, i.e. chemical degreasing + electrolytic degreasing, resulting in good degreasing quality;
  • Three stages of cascade water cleaning characterized by good cleaning effect;
  • Installation of high quality automatic welder made in China, which can ensure normal production of the line;
  • Adoption of imported EPC device, which can ensure desired product coiling at line exit;
  • Provision of VVVF drive control system with friendly man-machine interface, allowing easy operation and maintenance.

Technical data

Annual output: 70,000~200,000 t/a

Material: cold rolling carbon steel, low-carbon deep drawing steel

Typical grade: Q215、Q235、10、20、16Mn、08Al etc.

Yield maximum: max. 350N/mm²

Strip thickness: 0.1~1.5mm

Strip width: 400~1250mm

Coil inside diameter:ф610mm

Coil external diameter:ф900~1900mm

Coil weight: max. 25t

Process speed: max. 200m/min

Threading speed: 30 m/min

Normal acceleration/deceleration: 15m/min/s

Quick stop deceleration: 30m/min/s

Conventional process flow